Services you can depend on.

At Bonney Staffing, there is no staffing request we haven’t taken on. Quickly deploying help for unexpected demand. Conducting a search to fill a critical vacancy. Providing back office support to eliminate administrative headaches. We’ve successfully met these challenges and more.

Require a service you don’t see listed? We’ll be happy to develop a unique solution for you.


For last-minute fill-ins, seasonal demand increases or to get projects done on time, temporary staffing is your best option. Our temporary employees are prescreened, vetted and ready to step in when you need them.


Try one of our employees in your organization to evaluate their skills and fit before making an offer. It’s one more way to ensure you hire the right person the first time.

Direct Hire

Let Bonney Staffing recruit and screen candidates for you. We interview candidates in person before presenting to ensure an accurate fit to your requirements – and we guarantee our results 100%.


Add the temporary employees of your choice to our payroll. We handle all administrative details. It’s a lower cost, lower risk way to manage your contingent workforce.

Skills Assessments

Our assessments measure the abilities of each candidate. You select those whose skills match your requirements best.

Background Screening

Know who you hire! Our comprehensive background checking capabilities reduce your hiring risks and ensure that the candidate you choose is a positive addition to your workplace.