Employment Outlook in Lewiston/Auburn, ME

If you live in Maine, you know there has been much made of the loss in manufacturing jobs in the state over the last ten years. While those numbers can paint a grim picture, the overall employment outlook for the state and for Auburn specifically, tells a very different story.

The Unemployment Rate Has Been on a Steady Decline

In 2010, amid the height of the Great Recession, the national unemployment rate hovered around 10 percent. In Lewiston/Auburn, however, that number was significantly lower, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In January of that year, Lewiston / Auburn reported an 8 percent unemployment rate, and that number has been steadily declining ever since, coming in right around 4 percent in September of 2016.

Predicted Job Growth in the Coming Years

According to Maine’s Department of Labor, the highest growing occupations in the coming years will be:

  • Healthcare – clinical and technical: 9.5 percent increase
  • Healthcare – support: 9.4 percent increase
  • Computer and mathematical occupations: 8.8 percent increase
  • Personal care and service: 5.4 percent

Additionally, professional and business services occupations will grow steadily over the next several years, and as the unemployment rate continues to drop and wages continue to rise, leisure and hospitality will also see an increase in new jobs.

The Baby Boomer Effect

Auburn, like most regions around the country is an aging population. More and more baby boomers are exiting the workforce each year, and young adults are waiting longer to have children than they did a few decades ago. Employers are on a constant search to find talented, young workers to take the place of retiring seasoned employees. This shift in generational demographics will aid in keeping the unemployment rate low through 2017 and beyond.

How Talented People Can Find Great Jobs in Auburn

Most of the data is positive for the economy and job outlook for Lewiston/Auburn, but employers can struggle to find good people when unemployment is low. Such low numbers usually indicate that people who want jobs have them. That doesn’t mean employed people aren’t looking for new opportunities, but connecting talent with employers can be a matter of timing unless you know where and how to look.

Are you a job seeker looking for a job or an employer looking for top talent?

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