Employment Leadership in Maine, New Hampshire & North Carolina

Bonney Staffing Center, Inc. is an established innovator, committed to staying current with developments in the staffing industry. Our vision and management style are aggressive and have provided tremendous growth opportunities for all of our employees. We bring impressive staff tenure, industry credentials, education and human resource experience.

Meet the Bonney Staffing Team

Randy Burkhart, President and CEO

Randy Burkhart began his career in the staffing industry almost three decades ago with Kelly Services, one of the world’s largest temporary staffing companies. He started on the ground floor, but with a high energy level and a passion for customer service, he rose through the ranks quickly. Randy broadened his industry experience as Director of Operations for an employee leasing company, before founding his own staffing firm in January 1995. He led the company through a series of mergers and acquisitions until it served clients in ten states with over thirty branch offices. Due to this success, Randy was able to successfully sell his company to a private equity fund.

Randy wanted to stay with staffing and sought out a company whose culture reflected his own ideals. In 2014, he teamed with Bonney – a company that shares his passion for making a difference in people’s lives. Randy tells his staff, “We have the chance to change people’s lives every day.” Whether it’s helping a client meet an important project deadline or helping an unemployed worker keep food on the table, this is an industry that truly makes a difference.

Randy continues to deliver passion with high energy and urgency to Bonney’s clients, staff and temporary employees. “The Right Person, The First Time” is not just Bonney’s slogan. It’s a firm commitment to Randy’s vision that Bonney makes a difference.

Mark Maness, CFO

Mark Maness began his career with the public accounting firm of Deloitte, where he earned his Certified Public Accountant designation. He spent over a decade as the Assistant Treasurer with a multibillion dollar investment organization. Additionally, he gained CFO experience in several entrepreneurial ventures, including the co-founding of one of the first Internet Service Providers in Texas in 1993.In 2002, Mark was introduced to the temporary staffing industry when he was hired to work with Mr. Burkhart as the company’s Chief Financial Officer. Maness joined Randy to team with Bonney in 2014. Mark’s responsibilities include planning the financial management of the company to ensure that Bonney can serve its clients, its staff and its temps.

Mark views Bonney’s slogan through a financial lens. “Turnover includes both hard costs and lost opportunity costs. Together these can add up and affect not only a client’s bottom line, but their culture and efficiency. By providing clients with “The Right Person, The First Time,” Bonney is not just a vendor – they are a partner in profitability.”

Annette Lefebvre, COO

Annette Lefebvre’s career in the staffing industry is rare in that she has expertise in both front and back office roles. This breadth of experience gives her a special insight into the operations of a customer-focused organization. She started her career in the staffing industry 26 years ago as a staffing supervisor with a small New Hampshire staffing firm. In 1997, she moved to Bonney as a Bookkeeper. Since then she has been promoted to Controller, Vice President, Executive Vice President and finally in 2014, Chief Operating Officer.Annette works closely with the branches, back office, temporary employees, and clients. Due to her unique knowledge of the entire business, she is able to quickly get to the root of any problem and offer innovative solutions. With so many responsibilities, Annette is certain that “The Right Person, The First Time” is not only a slogan, but a lifesaver! It’s the only way she and her staff can successfully run the busy daily operations of Bonney.

Donna Dumond, Vice President

Donna Dumond began her career at Bonney in 2001 as an Administrative Assistant and was quickly promoted to the Staffing Supervisor position. In 2003, she was promoted to Branch Manager of the Augusta office. Over the next 10 years she grew the branch into a major player in the region. In 2013, Donna was promoted to Vice President/Area Manager of Northern/Central/Mid-Coast Maine as well as North Carolina.Donna has been a key player in establishing four on-site offices at some of the largest companies in both New England and North Carolina. One of her favorite challenges is starting a new branch in a new area and working to build business.

Donna loves a fast pace and a close-knit team who will go the distance. She believes it is imperative to work with a sense of urgency. Clients need “The Right Person, The First Time” to meet their production goals. Temps need the right opportunity to work right now.

Kelly Aho, Vice President

Kelly Aho began her career at Bonney in 2003 in Recruiting Support and Staffing Supervisor roles. Kelly was promoted to a Branch Manager in 2005. In 2013, she was elevated to Vice President with responsibility for the oversight of four branches. One of Kelly’s proudest achievements has been increasing sales for one of her branch locations from just over $1 million annually to $10 million in annual sales.Kelly currently oversees and provides guidance in the areas of operations, sales, client relations and contracting to the staffing teams and branches in Bonney’s high-growth regions of Western Maine, Southern Maine and Southern New Hampshire.

Kelly has been active throughout her career with numerous community organizations and boards. She continues to promote community success by sharing knowledge from the staffing industry to benefit others. This community involvement allows her a unique perspective on Bonney’s motto, “The Right Person,The First Time.” When she has the chance to interact outside of work with Bonney’s clients, or with people that they’ve placed in a job, it brings home the positive impact that can have in local communities. “Bonney can change lives, and that’s pretty cool.”

Jim Gongos, Vice President of Operations

Jim Gongos began his career in IT with Hughes Aircraft 1985. By 1991, Jim had parlayed his experience into a career in the IT staffing industry. Over the next 25 years he gained industry experience in recruiting, sales and marketing as the company’s Executive Vice President/COO. In this capacity Jim has helped manage and place consultants in the Manufacturing, Financial, Distribution, Medical and Telecommunications fields.In 2015, Jim joined Bonney as Executive Vice President. In this role he is responsible for special projects and forecasts, as well as the planning and oversight of the company’s IT needs.

In order to provide the best service, it is essential that Bonney integrate their vast industry experience with cutting-edge staffing industry productivity tools. Jim believes that technology is just one of the tools for finding “The Right Person, The First Time.” It is the tool that allows Bonney to find that person faster than their competitors.